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3 tips to achieve financial freedom

Let me start by saying that we live in a world very distracted these days, where consumerism is King. What is consumerism? Is the thought or idea passed on my marketing and society that we need every new gadget, gizmo or even more recent suit design that comes out. Now, let me ask you this. Just how much is enough. There are many out there with brand new clothes with the tags on them after one year’s time! This should tell you something, we are living in a time when ‘ shop-aholic-ness ‘ is the new addiction of illness-if there is one word.

Is the notion that we have to buy absolutely everything that we see on tv, hear on the radio etc just because it’s fashionable, we need it. Well, I heard to snap out of this dream is unrealistic and financially devastating that perhaps living in. Much better to fight to one day become financially free and live the kind of lifestyle that conforms to your status as a newfound financial freedom. Is a goal that should be looking for every aspiring dreamer of lifestyle. I will show you 3 tips to achieve financial freedom in this article.

Here are three simple tips to get financial freedom that you can start applying almost immediately.

Start a journal and keep track of what you spend. One of the biggest problems you maybe right now is that in fact are not checking what you spend. We maybe floating on a ship that has financial losses, where losses are in your financial life by detecting keep you financially afloat and help you towards your goal of achieving financial freedom.
Get rid of all bad loans. What I mean by ‘ bad ‘? I’m talking about the debt that is not part of an investment strategy but instead you have to pay down you every month or so. For EXAMPLE a new car is an example of bad debts while a rental house income that a tenant pays your loan is debt well.
Paying more than your minimum. If you want to finally get out of debt and achieve financial freedom, you should pay more than the minimum each month. Start with the lowest debt and wipe off, then start the next and vice versa.
Only by implementing these three steps in your life will be perhaps more than the 90% of people are not doing. These people are not usually financially free and trapped by our example of consumerism. If you want to achieve that goal of finally becoming debt free, come with a measurable plan and stick to it. Imagine what your life would look like without having to worry about the burden of debt on the shoulders.

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